Allgemeine Bauzeitung, no. 12, Special Issue - Cranes and Crawler Cranes of 25.03.2011

The quality requirements of the crane manufacturers are fulfilled.

Crane ballasts for cranes with upper and lower rotary systems are increasingly important as a critical component of a technically high-quality crane. Crane ballasts are therefore increasingly subject to the strict quality requirements of crane manufacturers. According to its own information the Bruckert company, located in Bad Schönborn, successfully supplies national and international crane manufacturers with high-quality ballast stones.

The family enterprise in the spa town Bad Schönborn, in Baden-Württemberg, manufactures crane ballasts for all leading rotary crane tower types, such as Liebherr, Terex-Peiner, Cadillon, Arcomet, Jost Cranes, and KSD Krane.

Furthermore, the crane manufacturers Wolffkran (Heilbronn), Liebherr (Biberach on the Riss) and Manitowoc/Potain (Lyon) list Bruckert as a certified direct supplier, closely cooperating as part of their supplier networks. This includes the strict quality control of the ballasts by the crane manufacturers.

Production is on the basis of defined quality specifications, in which the production process for the ballasts and related installation parts is exactly defined in individual steps.In respect of quality and compatibility for persons and the environment, the compositions of all raw materials (such as concrete and steel) and auxiliary materials (such as plasticisers, release agents and fluxes) are included in the quality reports. According to information of the Bad Schönborn company, the steel certificates and the semi-annual monitoring of the high-quality C 30/37 concrete by the Material Testing and Research Department of the Karlsruhe University guarantee that Bruckert is able to process the raw materials with uniformly high quality. Finally, the meticulously generated mass and weight certificates guarantee the fitting accuracy of the weights.

As their ballasts are manufactured in accordance with the same standards the crane dealers, an expanding customer segment of Bruckert, profit from the strict quality management of the crane manufacturers.

Bruckert pursues new developments in a multi-stage pilot process and in close cooperation with the manufacturer's designers. An example is the new Potain Igo T 130, the largest self-erecting crane in the world, presented for the first time at the bauma 2010. For Manitowoc, Bruckert developed the technically demanding crane ballast and thus achieved the status of direct supplier to the French crane manufacturer.

Allgemeine Bauzeitung, no. 12, Special Issue - Cranes and Crawler Cranes of 25.03.2011

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